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[ Deenise ] I went for a Pico Laser Treatment and it went like this
IDS Skincare, 03 August 2021

My 3-month skincare journey with IDS was nothing short of amazing. I started off the journey with their own house brand of skincare products. It took a few weeks for my skin to adjust to their products and once my skin got used to their products, my skin texture started to improve greatly. The Refreshing Toner, Pore Formula and Intensive Moisturiser are the products which brought about great benefits to my skin. I felt that the Pore Formula has help to reduce the blemishes on my skin and the Intensive Moisturiser helps to plump up my skin with moisture.


Pico Laser Treatment

Besides incorporating IDS skincare products into my skincare routine, I’ve also tried their facial at IDS Aesthetics. A week ago, I tried their Pico Laser treatment at their outlet at International Building which is really effective in brightening my skin and minimising the appearances of the pigmentation on my skin. What was the laser treatment like and how did it go? Read more about my experience right here.


Doctor Consultation

Before going for any aesthetic treatment, clients have to first seek the doctor for a proper skin consultation. I have consulted IDS a couple of times and highlighted to her some of my skin concerns. I was quite concern about the pigmentations on my skin as it makes my skin seems rather uneven. So IDS recommended me to go for the Pico laser therapy, one of the most advanced laser treatments, which can address most of the common skin imperfections like pigmentation. Most important of all, it requires minimal downtime.


Application of Numbing Cream

I was first brought to this treatment room to get my skin cleansed. After cleansing, the therapist applied numbing cream all over my skin. The numbing cream takes about 30 minutes to come into effect and it lasted for about 2 hours or so. My skin actually still felt really numb even after the laser treatment!


I was ushered to the waiting area with a shower cap and mask on. I waited for approximately about 15 minutes before I was called to enter another treatment room. Soon, the Pico Laser therapy started on my skin.


Pico-Laser Therapy

Because of the numbing cream, the procedure was quite painless. The laser beams felt like ant bites on my skin. It has a slight prickly sensation but overall, it was bearable. The whole process takes about 10 minutes or so.


The treatment started with the laser beams scanned across my skin and in the subsequent round, she targeted the laser on areas where there are more pigmentations. The laser works by sending ultra-short pulses of energy into the skin to break down melanin and pigment particles.


What happens after the treatment?

Right after the treatment, IDS mentioned that the dark spots on my skin may appear darker and there could be also be redness in my skin. Thankfully, my skin still looks normal and fine a couple of days after the treatment. The spots appeared a little darker but after about threes days, the spots on my skin looked so much lighter. More importantly, my skin texture and tone improved over the next couple of days. My skin now looked so much brighter and radiant a week after the laser treatment. It is as if I’ve just gone for a brightening facial.


My Verdict

I was really happy with the results because the results are quite instantaneous and rather lasting as compared to the previous laser treatments I’ve done before. This Pico laser technology is promising and I reckon that this laser treatment could easily lighten the pigmentations on my skin if I’d gone for a couple more sessions.


Watch the video below to find out what the treatment is like!



*Credits to Deenise

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