IDS Skincare

A proprietary, delivery system that enables active ingredients to penetrate and be delivered into the target areas at therapeutic concentrations while healing our skin from the daily environmental damages resulted from UV, HEV, Blue Light and pollution.

What's in Neulastin?

A proprietary curated blend of highly active ingredients to improve skin elasticity and build stronger skin structure. This coupled with our proprietary delivery system ensure that the key actives are delivered to where they are supposed to be in order for the skin to function at its optimum.

The 'Wound Healer'

Every day, the skin suffers from environmental assaults such as Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, High-Energy Visible (HEV) or blue light as well as pollution. These induce a 'wound response' or an inflammation within the skin, resulting in imperfect repair, leaving an invisible 'solar' scar. Repetitive damage over a period of time eventually leads to the development of a visible solar scar, manifesting as a visible wrinkle or hyperpigmented spot.

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